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Faraiz History & Info
Farariz Communication Engineering Cooperative

Farariz Communication Engineering Cooperative Company Was Registered As A Company For The Production Of Electronic Circuits, Design, Training, Research And Implementation Of Telecommunication Projects With The Number 137576 On 1998/01/28 By A Group Of Retired Telecommunication Employees In Tehran With Unlimited Operations In The Country.

Company Profile
  • Company Name: Farariz Telecommunication Engineering Co.
  • Place of registration: Tehran
  • Registration number: 137576
  • National ID number: 10101806770
  • Year of establishment: 1998/01/28
  • Economic code: 411145448191
Company's Main Goals

Promote And Strengthen Participation, And Cooperation In Different Aspects.

Meeting The Common Economic, Social And Cultural Needs Of Members And Helping To Achieve Social Justice.

Removal Of Entrepreneurial Duties From The Government In Accordance With Article 44 Of The Constitution Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran In The Field Of Telecommunication, Industrial, Commercial, Administrative Management, Housing And Foreign Trade Services.

Creating Employment For Educated Youth And Using The Expertise And Experience Of Retirees In The Development, Maintenance And Implementation Of Telecommunication Projects.