In 1876: Alexander Graham Bell

Was Awarded the First U.S. Patent for the Invention of the Telephone

In 1915: Theodore Newton Vail

Opening of First Trans-Continental Telephone Line

In 1973: Martin Cooper

Made the First Cell Phone Call

In 2013: Google

Started Selling a Prototype of Google Glass

In 2019: 5G Mobile Service

Introduced (in Parts of Chicago and Minneapolis)

A Better Way To Connect

Short History

Farariz Ertebat is one of the first private companies in the telecommunications industry of the country, which has numerous records in the implementation of telecommunication projects, receiving various certifications and also having an efficient management staff that combines the experience of retirees in the field of telecommunications and youth dynamism. It has a special potential to provide successful services and solutions to employers.

Our Team
Mr. Sina Panahi
Mr. Omid Taghdiri Azar
CEG Manager & PMO Expert
Mr. Ghasem Ghorbani
HR Manager
Mr. Reza Abhari
Regional Manager
Mr. Ali Azimi
Regional Manager
Mr. Ali Nayeri
HSE Expert